Welcome to The Charlottesville Low-Income Housing Coalition


We are a coalition of residents and community-based organizations standing against displacement, and for increased affordable housing for very low-income people


The Charlottesville Low-Income Housing Coalition (CLIHC) is a group of organizations and individuals who are deeply concerned about the affordable housing crisis in the city of Charlottesville. Formed in January 2017, CLIHC engages in the following activities:

1)    advocates for the City of Charlottesville / Charlottesville City Council to demonstrate a commitment to racial and economic justice through increased affordable housing, a more diligent community engagement process, investment in underrepresented communities, and a fair and equitable zoning code

2)    provides citizen oversight on ongoing activities in the City of Charlottesville pertaining to affordable housing issues, most especially the Planning Commission, Housing Advisory Committee (HAC), Strategic Investment Area, Form Based Code, Zoning, and Special Use Permits

3)    builds coalitions between citizens and affinity groups to continue to work toward affordable housing and racial and economic justice in Charlottesville


Successes to date:

  • CLIHC changed the City’s approach to form based code in 2017

  • Impressive public participation at meetings, workshops, and public comments have shifted affordable housing to be a central issue in local politics

  • Facilitated two petition drives the total of which received close to 2,000 signatories, demonstrating the wide public support for affordable housing

  • Hosted an event on stopping displacement and increasing affordable housing with Willie "JR" Fleming, a nationally renowned leader in affordable housing.

  • Provided citizen oversight during the City’s Form Based Code Institute charrette